What’s Coming to Netflix First Week in October 2022: Oct 3– Oct 9?

With amazing releases all month long, Netflix dominated the market, and we predict that it will still be dominating in October 2022. We witnessed several amazing releases only last week, including the much awaited Blonde and the stunning Entergalactic. What awaits us this week, though? Let’s investigate.

Let’s review every new release that Netflix will have available during the first week of October 2022. From October 3, 2022, until October 9, 2022, all new films and TV shows that will be available on the streaming service will be included in this list. Let’s first review this week’s highlights however, before moving on.

The Friday Midnight Club

The very gifted Mike Flanagan has a new horror series called The Midnight Club. Eight young people who are all terminally sick prefer to get together every night in a hospice for young adolescents. They come to an agreement that whomever dies next will undoubtedly communicate with the other deceased people.

Friday: The Luckiest Girl Alive

The major motion picture this week is Luckiest Girl Alive, which is based on the Mila Kunis-starred book of the same name. She portrays Ani FaNelli, a young New Yorker who has a picture-perfect existence in a lovely setting. However, she is forced to confront her past, which she had believed she had put behind, when the director of a true crime documentary contacts her to discuss an event.

  • Everything available on Netflix starting the week of October 1st
  • Netflix
  • Picture courtesy of: October 3 (Monday) on Netflix
  • Season 4 of the Netflix Original Kids Series Chip and Potato
  • Jexi

Tuesday, October 4

  • Hasan Minhaj: The Jester of the King Wednesday, October 5, is when Netflix’s original special airs.
  • Bling Empire: A Netflix Original Series (Season 3)
  • Season 1 of Netflix Original Series: High Water
  • Jumping from High Places: An Original Netflix Movie
  • The Phone of Mr. Harrigan – Netflix Original Movie
  • Season 7 of Nailed It!, a Netflix Original Series
  • Netflix Original Movie: Togo
  • Thursday, October 6th
  • Aftershock: A Netflix Original Documentary on Everest and the Nepal Earthquake (Season 1)
  • Netflix’s original documentary, “The Joys and Sorrows of Young Yuguo,” premieres on Friday, October 7.
  • Glitch (Season 1) – Netflix Original Series Talks with a Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes – Netflix Original Documentary
  • Netflix Original Movie: The Luckiest Girl Alive
  • Season 1 of the Netflix Original Series Man on Pause and Season 1 of the Netflix Original Kids Series Oddballs
  • The Midnight Club (First Season) is an original Netflix series.
  • Season 1 of Netflix Original Series: The Mole

The Redeem Team: An Original Documentary on Netflix

That’s all we have to offer you for today. With this improved knowledge, we believe you will know what to anticipate from Netflix throughout the first week of October 2022. Every week, we will also discuss new releases that are slated for Hulu and other streaming services. While you’re here, be sure to see the Netflix release from last week.

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