Twitter Blue Send Out The First Edited Tweet: When Is It Coming To Your Feed?

Jack Dorsey rejected every user request to add an edit button to the Twitter platform while he was in charge of the company. However, things changed, and Jack Dorsey resigned to make room for Parag Agrawal, a fresh face. The first-ever public tweet editing functionality was being tested today, according to a tweet from the Twitter Blue account.

The edit tweet option, which may surprise Jack Dorsey, is now available to Twitter Blue, or premium members. This implies that you need to be a Twitter Blue subscriber in order to test out the edit tweet capability.

Users of Twitter Blue may test out the ability to modify tweets.

It’s possible that Jack Dorsey disliked the concept of modifying tweets and never saw the need for it. But the rest of us mortals have a reputation to uphold and sometimes fix mistakes in their tweets. Twitter will prevent a great deal of human mistake by providing a tweet edit tool.

A pencil symbol with the most recent edit time stamp shows whenever an account modifies a tweet. You may see every tweet that was posted before the revisions by clicking on it. Editing a tweet is limited to a 30-minute timeframe.

How to Change Tweet Unlimited Time

The amount of times you may change a tweet is unlimited. We haven’t tested it, so we’re not sure whether the account holder can restrict who can see whether or not the tweet was modified. Furthermore, only Twitter Blue users in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are eligible for it. Twitter has not yet made Twitter Blue available in other parts of the world.

It may seem absurd to pay to share your opinions on a microblogging site when everyone else does it for free. However, Twitter Blue is meant for individuals, companies, and brands who need to safeguard their reputation. You must be in one of these countries to use Twitter Blue, or you may use a VPN to change your IP address to a nation where the functionality is accessible. The ability to edit tweets is still in its early stages of acceptance, and it will take some time until it is generally accessible to everyone at no cost.

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