Showtime Documentary On The Lincoln Project Gets A Trailer

The official trailer for the forthcoming documentary series The Lincoln Project has been published by Showtime. Over the course of the 2020 presidential campaign, it will track the activities of the influential PAC and the Republican strategists’ attempts to undermine Donald Trump.

Fisher Stevens, who won an Oscar, and Karim Amer, who won an Emmy, directed the docuseries. The documentary will go into the group’s ascent to power and show how they bravely fought Trump. A sexual harassment scandal, an unexpected deluge of bad news, and internal strife over the company’s immoral financial management are among the other controversial topics that the series will tackle.

A Trailer for the Lincoln Project

Washington, DC, Donald Trump, and his annoying tweets are featured in the opening scene of the trailer. Donald Trump says, “They should call it the Loser’s Project” in a short video clip on the Lincoln Project.

Stuart Stevens, a member of the Lincoln Project, states, “Here’s the key: There’s nothing noble about us,” in the trailer. We are not aimless, however. After that, the video ups the ante by suggesting that the group would face criticism and roadblocks after Biden’s victory.

The Lincoln Project—what is it, precisely?

Conservative top GOP strategists and operatives have banded together to form the Lincoln Project. It’s gaining PAC members at a faster rate than any other US PAC. Assassinating their own party’s president is their plan to “save democracy,” they say.

Stuart Stevens, John Weaver, Jennifer Horn, Rick Wilson, George Conway, Mike Madrid, and Reed Galen are the formal members of the group that was formed in late 2019. Stevens serves as a senior advisor, while Wilson and Galen are present members of the group’s board of directors. At now, the Lincoln Project is concentrating on the midterm elections, but it is still active and has a robust social media presence.

The Lincoln Project returns to Friday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT with all new episodes starting on October 7th. Plus, you can watch all five episodes whenever you want on Showtime’s streaming service.

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