How to Make Your Android Display Run Smoother?

The enhanced usability that comes with smartphones with high refresh rate screens has made them an important selling point. However, the majority of applications still operate at frame rates far lower than 120Hz, and many phones do not make full use of the display’s 120Hz refresh rate.

Users may check their display refresh rates and configure their devices to operate at peak refresh rates using the Developer Options.

Is there a way to make cellphones have a high refresh rate?

It is recommended to activate the high refresh rate option on your phone before pushing it to its maximum refresh rate. With this in mind:

Display Settings Snapshot

Find the Smooth Display options and turn them on. Keep in mind that the name of this option could change depending on the manufacturer of your phone. Snapshot of a screen with a smooth display option that boosts the refresh rate

How can I check the refresh rate of the screen?

To make sure the smooth display option is working, users may find a handy tool that shows the current screen refresh rate under the Developer Options. Here’s a way to verify:

  • Go to Settings > About Phone > and turn on Developer Options. Pressing the Build Number button ten times.
  • Get the Settings app going, then find System.

Documentation of the developer’s preferences

  • The Show Refresh Rate option may be found and enabled.
  • Why aren’t businesses capitalizing on their displays?
  • To give you an idea, screens with a fast refresh rate drain the battery quickly.
  • Hence, a phone will reduce its refresh rate to save power when it’s not in use, such while watching a 30fps movie.
  • As an aside, this transition is silky smooth on flagships but stuttery on cheaper phones.

Ways to Set an Absolute Maximum Refresh Rate?

If your device is experiencing latency as a result of the refresh rate change, you can find some relief by ensuring that it stays at its highest refresh rate continuously. It should be noted that turning on this function may significantly drain the battery. To make this function available:

  • To access the Developer Options, open Settings.
  • Once you find Force Peak Refresh Rate, turn it on.

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