GameSir X2 Pro Mobile Gaming Controller Review

When I reviewed Gamesir’s X2 in May, I was happily surprised by how fun it was. Then, in June, they sent me their X3 to review. It was a big step up from the X2. In an exciting turn of events, the GameSir X2 Pro will be available this September through Xbox Game Pass. GameSir sent us one to review.

The GameSir X2 Pro is a bit of a strange duck because it comes out after the X3. No one seems to know why the Pro version came out after the next generation of the product. But the GameSir X2 Pro has some changes that the X3 doesn’t have. These changes make it more like a game controller than the ones that came before it.

The GameSir X3 is great for emulators and works well with games that accept controls. The small, Switch-like design gives you a lot of options when you’re on the go. Plus, GameSir comes with a travel case, which is nice.

Details about the GameSir X2 Pro

There are two color options for the X2 Pro. The black color theme is called Midnight, and the white color theme is called Moonlight. But the X2 Pro only comes with USB-C, not the basic X2.

The GameSir X2 Pro comes with a cute little bag that can also be used to protect it during shipping. From what I can tell, it’s the same case that came with the first X2. While the X2 Pro does come in a shrink-wrapped cardboard box that can be used for retail wrapping, I like that they just put everything in the protective case instead, which cuts down on waste. To finish off the Xbox theme, I would have liked to see a case that was Xbox-colored instead of black and red, but that’s just a small thing.

Changeable Parts for the GameSir X2 Pro

The X2 Pro, four extra analog stick nubs (making three sets, each with a different shape), a guidebook, a GameSir sticker, a thank-you note, and a ticket for one month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate are all inside the case. Adding the gift is a nice touch. It’s clear that Microsoft wants to get people to try out its cloud game platform. To do this, it’s taking advantage of GameSir’s success in the mobile market.

First Thoughts on the GameSir X2 Pro

It feels like the X2 Pro is pretty much the same as the standard X2. It’s very light, but once the phone is in it, it works like any other device. The jaws work the same way on both. But there are some big differences that stand out. The analog sticks (rather than the non-analog thumbsticks on the X2), the analog R2 and L2 trigger inputs (rather than the button-style triggers on the original X2 and X3), and the M1 and M2 buttons on the back of the X2 Pro are what make it stand out.

Sport Sir X2 Pro Back

The triggers and thumbsticks, which have small magnets built into them, are moved by Hall effect sensors that measure the strength of the magnetic field. This is what lets you change how fast a figure in a game walks or how fast a car speeds up. Most new games depend on this analog input, that is, states between fully activated and fully released, to make the gameplay better.

The analog sticks are much nicer than the ones on the X2 and X3. The resistance stays the same, while the X3 is harder at first but has much less resistance once it starts to move. This can cause too much movement, especially when non-analog data is taken into account. The throw of the R2 and L2 triggers is also much better than that of the original X2 and X3 triggers, which felt like pressing a button like a mouse.

GameSir X2 Pro Front Light Up

The other clear difference is that the X2 Pro seems to have Xbox branding on it. The GameSir logo that is raised in the plastic skin of the X2 Pro’s jaw is hard to see (at least on my Midnight color unit), but the Xbox button is easy to see right away. I was sent an X2 Pro that is the same color as the first Xbox: black. Everything fits together so well that it looks a lot like an official Xbox item, even though it’s not made by Xbox.

The GameSir X2 Pro is used.

The X2 Pro has the same connection and locking jaw as the X2. The swiveling USB-C socket makes it easy to plug your device in without freaking out that you just over-torqued your phone’s USB-C port. The silicone-skinned jaw’s curved edges hold my Pixel 4a 5G securely and without any worries. I think it would work just as well with most phones.

It’s different from the first X2 because when I shake the X2 Pro, I don’t hear any jaw shaking. It’s also a little easier to open up the X2 Pro I have. Still, I believe it would be smart to have a way to prop the mouth open while putting in a phone. Even though it’s not hard to do, this could be useful for someone on a bus or train.

I have never used a controller before that had buttons on the back besides triggers. It was a little strange for me because of this, and I don’t have much to say about it. The buttons are easy to find by feel, and you can tell when you press them. It might be hard to find a way to hold the X2 Pro that makes these buttons easy to reach, though.

Even though there is a USB-C power passthrough, there is neither a USB-C audio passthrough nor a 3.5mm headphone jack. In places where the phone’s speakers aren’t good enough, you’ll have to use Bluetooth headphones.

How to Play and Compatibility

For my review of the first X2, I tried some games from the Google Play Store, some apps, and even some games that ran on my desktop and let me play them on my phone through Steam Link. But the X2 Pro came with a free month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which I quickly took advantage of. You might need to enter a payment method to receive a similar coupon as well, though this may be different from country to country. I had to enter my credit card information to sign up.

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